It is a calling.

Changing the world is not a job. It is not a dream, nor is it a philosophy.

Everyone is placed upon this earth for a reason. We believe that reason is God-given. We believe that every person has a unique responsibility to God and to themselves to find and fulfill their mission; to live up to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (see Philippians 3:7-16). At GoodLooking, we believe that we and the providers we serve are God's hands to bring healing and health to the world. We consider that our mission, our focus and our calling.

To fulfill our extraordinary mission, we need extraordinary people. We need people who have a passion for fulfilling this mission. God has called us to freedom and we should not be slaves to any man, especially slaves of our own making. Many people rely upon their "jobs" for a paycheck, treating their work simply as an obstacle to their life's goal. We consider that form of work self-imposed slavery. We want work to be freedom. We seek people who have as one of their life goals the same mission we seek to fulfill. We seek people (employees and clients) who understand that they can be the very hands of God that bring health and healing to the world.

We seek people who can help us create our Painted Picture.