The Ultimate Homecare Package


The Ultimate Homecare Package

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The Homecare Compliance Package is a business strategy, documentation, legal, and marketing course that will immediately make you one of the top-tier compliance-based agencies in the country.

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The Starter Package gives you:

  1. Two full days of onsite instruction from a GoodLooking Healthcare Advisor at our Austin, Texas facility
  2. Ten hours of ongoing coaching, training, and advice sessions online
  3. A full clinical documentation system custom designed by healthcare attorney Jonathon Kovar, nurses, and healthcare experts to maximize and showcase compliance to reimbursement standards and quality clinical care
  4. A full staff training manual, instructor's guide, and evaluation material to help you quickly train and monitor your staff and their documentation
  5. "Creating Compliant and Powerful Homecare Marketing Teams", a video training course taught by Jonathon Kovar that will show you how to recruit, interview, train, and deploy the most effective marketing team in homecare
  6. "The Two Week GoodLooking Agency Makeover", a video training course taught by Jonathon Kovar that will show you how to go from a struggling homecare agency to a powerhouse of compliance, profit, and growth in just 14 days. (Warning: the 14 days are not consecutive - it does take time to implement each daily strategy)

The Advanced Package gives you everything in the Starter Package, plus:

  1. A four hour marketing coaching session with Jonathon Kovar to create your agency's Painted Picture, unique selling proposition, marketing strategy, and staffing requirements
  2. The Ultimate GoodLooking Marketing Kit containing three custom-designed marketing packets, specific to your agency, based on the strategy created during your coaching session
  3. An additional ten hours of ongoing coaching, training, and advice sessions online to help you implement your marketing strategy
  4. "Introduction to Complex Profit Strategies in Homecare", a video training course taught by Jonathon Kovar that will show you how to evaluate and maximize your agency's profit potential before a referral is accepted, how to multiply your revenue streams, accept more patients, and exponentially grow your bottom line.

The Expert Package gives you everything in the Advanced Package, plus:

  1. One full day of onsite coaching, at our Austin location, with Jonathon Kovar, to design your compliance, legal, and business growth strategy for the next year
  2. "The GoodLooking Employee", an employee onboarding and orientation manual that will force your agency to recruit only the best clinicians and office staff, maximize their potential and productivity, and make them evangelists for your company - while also reducing turnover and increasing compliance!
  3. Access to a dedicated Healthcare Advisor, for up to twenty hours, to help you implement any portion of the Homecare Compliance Package, including marketing and onboarding consultations
  4. 50% off all GoodLooking seminars and webinars for one full year
  5. Priority seating at all GoodLooking seminars for one full year

This course is not for the faint of heart. It is designed to put your agency in the top 1% in terms of quality care, compliance, profit, and growth rate. If you want the best homecare agency possible, you want this package.

Additional Info:

  1. After your purchase, a GoodLooking Advisor will contact you to conduct an orientation, schedule your onsite training, and send your material. Make sure you include your best phone number when checking out.
  2. The course materials will be licensed to one Tax ID number or one NPI. You may use the documentation templates only for the licensed agency and any branch locations. Distribution of these materials to non-licensed sites is strictly prohibited.
  3. Guarantee: Like all of our products, we stand behind them with our GoodLooking Guarantee. If you do not LOVE this product, simply let us know and you will receive a full, 100% refund. If you love our product, pay it forward by telling a friend!