This is easily the most advanced, sophisticated, and powerful software in healthcare.

Designed by a Healthcare Attorney.

Total Compliance. Profit. Growth.

Here at GoodLooking we have seen all kinds of medical software - we also know what home health agencies need in a software. We have taken our personal knowledge from having our own agencies, what our competitors don't do, and the experience of our healthcare attorney, Jonathon Kovar, to ensure we give our clients a GoodLooking Software.



Our team of healthcare advisors compiles political, clinical, technology, reimbursement, regulatory, and policy research into real-world knowledge.


Because we get to see lawsuits, investigations, and government activities before they become public knowledge, we are able to proactively create safeguards, edits, and alerts for our customers that help them avoid problems in the future. 

Stopping Errors

We have put more than 1,000 compliance validation checks into our software. We maintain an active database with more than 500 payers, reimbursement policies, medical necessity requirements, and local coverage determinations. 


Every major payer, every major policy, every major (and minor) lawsuit that involves how healthcare providers get paid is analyzed by our team of healthcare advisors.


Jonathon A. Kovar, CEO and Founder