In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money.
— Michael Jordan


Financial and resource investors are an integral component in the expansion of the GoodLooking mission of “changing the world for good by helping people achieve their greatest potential.” If you believe in the mission of GoodLooking (see our Painted Picture) and you can help us fulfill that mission in the world, we would love to talk to you. You will find more about the application process and current investment opportunities below.

GoodLooking is a collection of unique business entities that are all managed by the GoodLooking Board of Directors and utilize the GoodLooking operational structure. The GoodLooking business structure is similar to a private equity company, with two major distinctions:

  1. All GoodLooking business entities are operationally controlled and managed by the Board of Directors and use the same operational structure
  2. All GoodLooking business entities are managed as though the company will be owned by GoodLooking for perpetuity (not a “buy and flip” philosophy)

Investment Process

  1. Potential investors complete a simple application form (found at the bottom of this page). We do not require a Non-Disclosure Agreement. True to our mission, if you can do a better job at helping people reach their greatest potential, then more power to you! We believe our employees, business structure, management team, and culture are our biggest advantage, so we don’t mind sharing our ideas.
  2. Upon approval, a list of current investment opportunities will be provided to you, along with our Investor’s Guide.
  3. Investors select a business opportunity that appeals to them and to which they can financially contribute. The investor’s ownership percentage will be based upon the size of the investment. GoodLooking maintains at least a 25% stake in all business units, so investments up to 75% equity are possible. Investment opportunities are available from $100,000 to $50,000,000.
  4. In accordance with GoodLooking’s mission and need for rapid expansion, investment procedures are extremely straightforward. Approved investors will be allowed to meet with the GoodLooking board and the CEO and management team of the business unit, review financials and proformas, and have full access to the facilities, business plan, and marketing strategy for the business. Investors have a 30 day window in order to invest or decline. This allows the investor to make an informed decision and for GoodLooking to maintain its focus on business mission. We believe in transparency, honesty, and efficiency. We believe our investors appreciate that we have made the investment process as painless and transparent as possible.


If you would like to see a list of current investment opportunities and possibly join GoodLooking in its mission, please complete the following form. Your application will be evaluated and, upon approval, you will be sent a copy of our Investor’s Guide and Opportunity listing.

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