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Home Health Care

Expert Wound Care...In Your Home!

GoodLooking HealthCare is a home health agency that provides therapy and skilled nursing services from your home. 

If you are tired of hospitals, long for the comfort of your home, and have an injury or illness you are suffering from, then GoodLooking HealthCare might be for you. We provide treatment for wounds, injuries, illness, post surgery care, therapy, and other skilled nursing services in your home. With familiar surroundings and a personalized care plan, our patients are able to relax and work on healing themselves with the help of our care and support. 


Why us?

We offer strategic health care plans for you. 

We collaborate with your physician to determine the best steps to help you. All of our services are strategically planned by healthcare experts, attorneys, researchers, and clinicians to be the most compliant, comprehensive, and effective protocols possible.

We design and utilize our own custom-designed clinical documentation system so we can track, measure, and monitor each and every key clinical metric required for world-class patient care

We have the EXPERIENCE you can trust

We have been in operation in the state of Texas for more than two decades with some of the highest patient satisfaction scores and clinical outcomes in the nation

We have complete payer acceptance

We accept patients from all payer sources Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs, commercial insurance, and private pay!

We were awarded a 5-STAR QUALITY Patient Rating

We are the only entity in the state with two Medicare 5-Star Quality agencies (Affinity/Community Home Health and Texas Medical Enterprises)