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our patients...

+ Love their physician

We intentionally teach our patients to respect and trust their doctors. The very first time we meet your patient, we reinforce the fact that you are their best resource for getting the best care. Not the internet. Not their neighbor. You. By simply reinforcing the fact that you know them, their conditions, and the best treatments for them, we help solidify a strong, long-term realtionship between you and your patients.

+ comply with your care instructions

Missed or inaccurate medication administration, non-compliance to diet requirements, and other “minor details” can quickly destroy the effectiveness of a care plan. We work with your patients, often daily, to ensure that they are taking their medications appropriately, following diet and exercise regimens, and adhering to the full care plan. Plus, we coordinate strategically with your office, social workers, and other community resources to ensure patients get the best care possible.

+ have less pain

Our comprehensive pain protocols have led to best in the nation results. Patients with chronic pain are much more likely to have hospital readmissions, complain about their care and their physician, file a lawsuit against their care provider, and switch doctors. Our pain management protocols were specifically designed to not only minimize pain, but to also increase patient satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and overall care results.

+ have fewer complaints and complications

When pain, medications, and wounds are properly managed, complaints and complications are drastically reduced. We offer the most comprehensive pain, medication, and wound care treatments for high accuity patients - the very patients most at risk.

...and get the best care!

Why us?

+ Strategic Planning

All of our services are strategically planned by healthcare experts, attorneys, researchers, and clinicians to be the most compliant, comprehensive, and effective protocols possible.

+ Custom Designed

We design and utilize our own custom-designed clinical documentation system so we can track, measure, and monitor each and every key clinical metric required for world-class patient care

+ Experience

We have been in continous operation in the state of Texas for more than two decades with some of the highest patient satisfaction scores and clinicial outcomes in the nation

+ 5-star Quality

We are the only entity in the state with two Medicare 5-Star Quality agencies (Affinity/Community Home Health and Texas Medical Enterprises)

+ Complete Acceptance

We accept patients from all payer sources Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs, commercial insurance, and private pay!

The compromised immune systems of cancer patients require comprehensive, coordinated aftercare to minimize hospitalizations.  14% of cancer patients have 3 or more unplanned admissions, leading to increased infection and mortaility rates. The main causes of these unplanned admissions are Pneumonia, CHF, UTI's, Volume Depletion and Septicemia. Most of these are preventable with appropriate aftercare. Successful cancer care requires strategic oversight and monitoring of Medication Adherence, Wound Care, Pain Management, and coordination with all providers. We specialize in caring for patients with cancer!

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  • Nurses, therapists, and attendants with specialized cancer care training

  • We beat the national average for hospital readmissions by 18.87%

  • We have the highest patient satisfaction rates in the area

  • Integrated pain and medication care protocols implemented for every patient

  • Specialized depression screening, family counseling, and social services coordination

With shorter mandated LOS's, a single missed visit or one wrong decision by an
aftercare professional can bring about catastrophic results. Permanent loss of nerve and muscle function, even amputation, and the ensuing lawsuits due to improper wound care are unfortunately commonplace. Wound Care demands the very best possible aftercare available.

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  • 100% wound improvement rate. The best in the USA!
  • Comprehensive wound assessments performed during every visit

  • Specialized wound care provided by all clinicians

  • We specialize in complex cases!

Unaddressed and untreated pain in patients has proven to be one of the biggest contributors to chronic illnesses and readmissions, inhibiting the healing of millions who would otherwise  experience a full recovery. 90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable and potentially treatable illness often complicated by chronic pain. We continuously monitor, assess, and treat your patient’s pain using a comprehensive strategy developed for each patient.

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  • Comprehensive pain management strategies are implemented for every patient

  • 36% more successful than traditional home care

  • We understand communication and medication adherence are key to quality pain management. 

  • Industry-leading patient satisfaction score of 98%

And it's no wonder, the average 65 year old takes over 14 different medications, often prescribed from multiple Physicians. 88.3% of emergency hospital admissions for older adults are caused by medication issues with well over 66.3% being accidental overdoses.

Combine all that with the fact that over 32,000 seniors each year suffer fractured hips due to medication-related problems proves that average care is just not good enough!

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  • We specialize in managing complex medication regimens

  • Staff provides medication evaluations and education every visit

  • Daily monitoring of complex cases helps minimize adverse reactions, complications, and non-compliance

  • Our success in oral medication management has put us in the top 3% of agencies in the nation!