At GoodLooking our Telehealth Monitoring Programs are multi-faceted disease management systems designed to provide higher levels of quality care to our patients and substantial savings to those who embrace them. By combining time-proven best practices nursing skills with the most complete remote biometric monitoring system available these programs are truly a win-win for all involved. Based on over 4,000,000 hours of patient monitoring data, our High-Touch and High-Tech programs have proven time and time again to lower readmissions while truly adding to the quality of the lives we have been entrusted with.

Transitional Telehealth Monitoring Program

This is a carefully designed Hospital Integrated Care System that has successfully reduced penalty potential readmissions by 66.49% during a one-year period. Based on over 4,000,000 hours of patient monitoring data this program creates an unparalleled continuity of care that results in elevated patient loyalty and incredible market share growth potential.

Reduce your exposure to risk and avoid Medicare Penalties.


Our Staff and your Case Management Work Hand-in-Hand

  • Our Transitional Care Manager works directly with the case managers to best identify potential candidates for the TTMP. Your case managers know the “frequent Flyers” and those who would most benefit from this program, this knowledge is crucial to the success of this program. Patient choice is always a priority!!
  • Because the program starts in the hospital the patient sees this aftercare as a continuation of the healing process and this increases compliance to all aspects of the care plan.

Data Driven – Need Based Care

  • Starting upon the day of discharge we utilize the Honeywell Genesis DM Patient Monitoring System. It reports, in real-time, blood pressure, weight, pulse, SP02 as well as the answers to specific disease/symptom related questions directly to our Triage Center. This can be scheduled up to four times a day or done PRN at any time.
  • If any data, at any time, exceeds the limits set by the Physician/Care Team immediate action is taken utilizing predetermined protocols for that specific patient.

Monitoring a Patients’ vitals 7 days a week allows for proactive Interventions

  • By recognizing the trends in vitals delivered by the monitor our trained clinicians can intervene before situations become critical, scheduling Physician office visits rather than ER visits and avoiding unnecessary rehospitalizations.
  • Critical Care RN’s are always available, 24/7, for any type of intervention deemed necessary; phone calls to the patient, physician, pharmacy or care giver as well as PRN visits to the patient.. day or night!! Our proven Disease Management Program helps break the ER room cycle. We know it’s all about educating the patient on how to manage their chronic illness.
  • Our augmented level of contact with your patients allows for an ongoing assessment of other medical conditions that the hospital can provide and be paid for without the fear of penalties.

At GoodLooking we have discovered the techniques needed to provide the very best of care, all while decreasing your costs and increasing your revenues.


Let our Telehealth Disease Management Team help keep you ahead of the game.

  • Our Physicians Portal allows for increased billables, driving up your revenue without tying up your time.

  • Telehealth Monitoring allows you to identify the pro-active needs of your patients rather than losing them to the ED.

  • Our Critical Care Nurses provide you with only the most pertinent information needed, anytime day or night.

  • We actively work to increase your market share allowing you to stand out in the crowd as a forward thinking practice.

By 2017 40% of all existing Home Health Agencies will be operating at a loss and thousands will close their doors all together.

Will You Still Be Here?

GoodLooking can help you reach your goals.

Let us show you how to decrease your costs and increase your revenue utilizing our proven programs of  Telehealth Monitoring!

We Offer

  • Management Consulting

  • Monitor Rentals

  • Training Seminars

  • Marketing Presentations

  • Complete Step-by-Step Training

Our Disease Management Programs have a proven track record, but best of all,  we know how to make them work for you. Our training staff is nationally recognized for our accomplishments in Telehealth Monitoring Programs.

We Know its Not Just About Readmission Reduction, its About Admission Reduction.

GoodLooking understands the need for long-term behavioral changes in the successful management of chronic illnesses. Our Disease Management Programs utilize Transitional Telehealth Monitoring to keep the lives you have been entrusted with healthy and at home.

  • Formalized disease specific training modules teach the skills needed for proactive self care.

  • Telehealth Monitoring alerts critical care nurses via our Triage Center of the need for Interventions.

  • Physician visits replace ED visits and hospitalizations, saving millions.

  • Data provided by monitoring helps you manage not only the lives but the physicians and facilities they utilize.

  • Our Disease Management Programs are data based and are proven successes.

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