Become a GoodLooking employee

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
— Henry David Thoreau

GoodLooking is a mission-focused company.

Everything we do is designed to fulfill our purpose of "changing the world by helping people achieve their greatest potential."


Everyday, our team leads a passion-driven effort to change the world. Anyone who wants to join in us that mission must believe in our Painted Picture and desire to bring it to fruition. If you haven't already read our Painted Picture, click here and see what you think.

If our Painted Picture inspires you and you find our mission exciting, then look at the following list of requirements to see if you qualify to join our team:

  1. Each team member must place honesty and integrity before wealth, prestige, or personal fulfillment.
  2. Each team member must yearn for personal growth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
  3. Each team member must desire to make a difference in the world for good.
  4. Each team member must be able to listen, to think, to reason, and to offer insights and opinions.
  5. Each team member must willing to speak up and stand up for the core principles of the company (integrity, quality, innovation), even if that means disagreeing with other team members or management.

Job Openings

We don't have "job openings" per se. If you believe in our Painted Picture and you meet the requirements for joining the team, then a lot of possibilities are available to you. We have positions with names like software programmer, network administrator, customer support, concierge, marketer, designer, writer, videographer, trainer, consultant, intern, analyst, researcher, public relations specialist, and sales. But, and this is a big one, we don't hire positionswe hire people.

We hire smart people. We hire funny people. We hire talented people. We hire financial people (you know who you are!) and artsy people and well-spoken people and shy people. All of our people have one trait in common though - they believe in the mission.

Here are a few of the jobs, talents and skills we are looking for:

  1. Writers and journalists
  2. Videographers, producers, and editors
  3. Web, print and digital designers
  4. Attorneys, legal assistants, and clerks
  5. Models, actors, actresses, fashion designers, stylists, and photographers
  6. Musicians, DJs, sound technicians, and recording engineers
  7. Programmers, web developers, and software designers
  8. Database gurus and network infrastructure architects
  9. Marketers, social media gurus, and content editors
  10. U.S. and international sales
  11. Coaches, business executives, and mentors

If you have the talent and attitude to help us fulfill our mission:

  1. Write a cover letter describing why you believe in our Painted Picture
  2. Make sure your letter tells us why you would make a great addition to our team
  3. Update your resume (and spell-check it!)
  4. Send us an email with your cover letter and resume ([email protected])
  5. If we see a fit, we'll talk, have lunch, get to know each other, and see if we can work together
  6. Join the team and start changing the world!