Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
— John Wooden

Hey GoodLooking,
I want to buy you dinner. More specifically, I want to invite you to have dinner with me and five other business leaders, politicians, and...well, other interesting people. I've always believed that success is directly related to the quality of our relationships. I moved to Austin this past year and want to continue the tradition of bringing together interesting, successful leaders. I would like for you to be one of them. My staff searches for leaders in business, politics, academia, medicine, and the arts. We then match five to ten that are in non-competing fields that we think would enjoy getting to know each other. We picked you because we think you will bring intellect, humor, or life experiences that will contribute to a fun, engaging evening.

The rules are simple:
1. RSVP using the form below so we can prepare properly
2. Let us know if you have any special accommodation requests
3. Show up on time
4. Don't sell or pitch anything
5. Be respectful
6. Be fun

The dinner will be held at a local Roaring Fork restaurant, last about an hour and a half, and is very laid back. Most of us won't know each other, but we are experts at making people feel at home; so come expecting a good time and to interact with exceptional people.

1. Who will be attending?
Approximately 5-7 people (and their plus-ones) that are leaders in some area of life. We try to find people that we think would be interesting to each other.
2. Can I bring my spouse (significant other, plus one, etc.)?
Yes, you can bring one other person with you. Just make sure you RSVP and that they also abide by the rules.
3. Is this a sales presentation? Absolutely not. We are not selling anything and we explicitly forbid attendees from pitching or selling to other attendees.
4. Then why are you doing this? Because happiness and success are based on the quality of our relationships. As connected as our world is, it is nearly impossible to interact with intelligent, thought-provoking people in a manner that a) lets you enjoy their company, b) isn't designed to sell something, and c) doesn't require extensive travel or time commitments.
5. How much does it cost? It's free. I'll buy dinner and a couple of drinks for every attendee. I might buy a few bottles of house wine too. Feel free to buy your own Dom!
6. Is there an ongoing commitment? None at all. I try to invite new people to each dinner. If you make new friends (which I'm certain you will), feel free to stay in contact with them at your leisure.
7. Is this confidential? Yes and no. We are having dinner at a public restaurant, so I can't keep the paparazzi away. But, we won't give your information to anyone and we expect that anything discussed is kept in confidence by all attendees.
8. What if I can't make it, but want to attend some other time? I try to host one dinner a month, so just let my staff know when you are available and we will try to accommodate.
9. What do I wear? I normally wear a suit with no tie, but that's because I always wear a suit with no tie. My wife will probably wear designer jeans and a fashionable top (sorry, I'm not an expert in women's fashion, so I don't know what else to say!). Feel free to wear anything. If you prefer guidelines, I would say business casual. Again, this is a fun evening. We aren't judgmental people. We just like to meet interesting people.

I hope you join us for dinner. I'm looking forward to meeting you. RSVP below and we'll see you soon.


upcoming Dates:

3/16/16, 4/13/16, 5/18/16, 6/15/16

Roaring Fork

10850 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759