The compromised immune systems of cancer patients require comprehensive, coordinated aftercare to minimize hospitalizations.  14% of cancer patients have 3 or more unplanned admissions, leading to increased infection and mortaility rates. The main causes of these unplanned admissions are Pneumonia, CHF, UTI's, Volume Depletion and Septicemia. Most of these are preventable with appropriate aftercare. Successful cancer care requires strategic oversight and monitoring of Medication Adherence, Wound Care, Pain Management, and coordination with all providers. We specialize in caring for patients with cancer!

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  • Nurses, therapists, and attendants with specialized cancer care training

  • We beat the national average for hospital readmissions by 18.87%

  • We have the highest patient satisfaction rates in the area

  • Integrated pain and medication care protocols implemented for every patient

  • Specialized depression screening, family counseling, and social services coordination