have a healthcare attorney review all of your audits and adrs

For Just $199 Per Month - $79 Per Chart, You Get An Experienced and Knowledgeable Healthcare Attorney Who Will:
  • Review all your audit requests and ADR responses before you submit them to the government, so you know you didn't overlook anything
  • Answer all of your audit and ADR questions, so you can respond confidently
  • An evaluation of your medical record, with us highlighting key medical necessity and reimbursement items
  • Prepare an audit summary on our law firm's letterhead that tells a winning story about the care you provided - this one item could stop an audit in its tracks and save you thousands of dollars
  • A conference call with Jonathon Kovar, the healthcare attorney who prepared your response (for OIG and RAC/MAC audits with more than 10 records reviewed)
  • Priority access to even more advanced attorney services, such as survery representation, public relations management, and corporate compliance

Our Audit Shield Subscription was designed to give you access to an accomplished and efficient healthcare attorney, Jonathon Kovar, for a fraction of the traditional cost. We can do this because we do things differently than most law firms:
  1. We specialize in healthcare audits. We have systems, processes, and people who know how to review audit requests and ADRs quickly to make sure you are protected.

  2. We know how to win. We won't waste your time or ours with ideas that don't work. We aren't "consultants" who get paid to make more work for you. We aren't incentivized to load your business down with more paperwork or compliance plans. We do one thing really, really well - we make sure your documentation tells the right story.

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