Not Your Average Law Firm

When your needs go beyond passing an audit and you need legal representation our bet is on the accomplished, Jonathon Kovar. What makes him the most qualified attorney to take on your case?
You don't want just any attorney, but a healthcare attorney. Jonathon developed GoodLooking Software, formally HealthTrust, and has since then been redesigning it in order to produce a product he would use towards his recently acquired health practices. Johnathon is knowledgable in both the ever changing healthcare policies and the rights you are entitled to as a practice.
If you are facing an upcoming court day, don't waste your money on a lawyer who does not know the system. Take control and protect your practice.
  • Healthcare/Hospice Agencies
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • DME
  • Ambulatory Services

We help everyone in the health care industry, we stand by our mission to bring health and healing to all - but sometimes regulations and unnecessary court cases come up to deter you from your mission. We are here stand up for those who are bettering our world on a daily basis.