Is Obama Really a Friend to Healthcare?

I love politics. Yes, real politics. Yes, the dirty, PR-driven, spin-zone, stab them in the back while smiling to their face politics that we have come to hate in this country. Okay, so maybe I don’t love it, per se. I hate what it has done to our country. I hate how the best statesmen no longer even run for office because shysters have ruined the process. I hate that we can’t get a straight answer from any politician about any issue at any time anymore. But, I do love the theatrics of it all. I studied the charlatans, court jesters, and “advisers” who worked with the French nobility in the middle ages. Their level of cunning and guile was much more refined than what even our best politicians have mastered. Yet, I still can’t help but admire how politicians these days are able to pull off such incredible feats of deception and, well, charlatanism. It’s like a politician can be two completely different people at the same time.

Take, for example, the President of the United States. Barack Obama has built his legacy on healthcare reform that is supposed to help the poor. No one accuses him of not taking care of the poor. He’s been called a socialist, a tax hiker, a scourge to workers and the rich. But you don’t hear people saying he hurts the poor. His legacy will be that he initiated healthcare reform to help the poor at the expense of the rich. That, my friends, is a true example of great public relations spin.

I don’t have to show you the effects of Obamacare. I don’t have to discuss policy. I don’t have to even pick out a poor person and have them give their testimony. To show you that President Obama really doesn’t champion healthcare for the poor, all I have to do is show you his proposed 2016 budget. All I have to do is show you one section of the budget. The one that asks for patients to co-pay for their Medicare home health services. (On a similar note, I might also show you that there isn’t a section in the budget that allows those patients to receive their medical care at home if they aren’t “homebound,” which would save the government a ton of money and also make access to healthcare significantly more feasible for the poor. But, I digress.)

I’m not here to rail against co-pays. I think they can be beneficial, curtail wasteful consumption of unnecessary medical services, and force providers to actually market their services better. On the other hand, I also think the Democratic leadership is out to destroy healthcare as we know it and introducing co-pays into an industry that is already bloodied by obtuse, oppressive regulations and recent payment cuts is foolish and dangerous. I started this article to simply mention how the President is not really a friend to the poor. His budget makes it clear that he believes healthy poor people are not capable of contributing to our society (see his new give-aways for education and child care), but that sick poor people are (see his proposals for home health co-pays and higher premiums). Reading his new budget proposal makes it really clear that he doesn’t value the healthcare of the poor. Somehow, though, he is heralded as the savior of the poor. I run a PR and marketing company. I know how to make people look their best in public, on TV, and in the press. I do that by highlighting the good things about who they really are, not by making up a fake identity. President Obama is a champion for the poor? Evidently, the Whitehouse spin team doesn’t mind creating two identities for the President. I guess that is politics as usual and I should just learn to love it.