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The Painted Picture of GoodLooking

The Painted Picture is a concept written about by Cameron Herold in his book "Double Double" which describes how to visualize your perfect company three years in the future and reverse-engineer it to the present day. In early 2013, GoodLooking developed the Painted Picture you will read in the next section.

It is our vision of what the company will be by January 1, 2018. This vision is what we want GoodLooking to be. We put it on paper so that we would be faithful to constantly work to fulfill its mandate. It is easy in the course of daily business to focus on immediate needs, to the detriment of the long-term mission of the company. Our Painted Picture is a reminder and benchmark of what GoodLooking is and can be. It is not the company you are joining now, but the company we hope to create with your help.

We present this Painted Picture to you as a potential new employee, client, vendor, or associate with GoodLooking because we want you to know what type of company you will be working with, what our goals are, and what we expect the company to be in the future.

Most importantly, we want you to understand our vision so that you can become an active force in making it a reality.